How to Read the Bible Series

An Intro: Why It’s Not Just For Your Pastor

In the intro to this series, we look at why it even matters to read our Bibles in the first place, and why it really is not just meant for your pastor.

Part 1: What is Inductive Bible Study?

In Part 1, we explain what the Inductive Bible Study method is, how to apply it, and provide a downloadable guide.

Part 2: Why Genre Matters

In Part 2, we look at how understanding different genres, such as narrative, poetry, or parables, can shape our interpretation of Scripture.

Part 3: Why Context Matters

Have you ever thought about the fact that Jesus wasn’t originally preaching to 21st Century America? In Part 3, we look at how our contextual lens plays a role in understanding Scripture.

Part 4: It’s Really One Big Story

It took me a long time to connect the dots of the Bible as one big story. Here, we do just that, complete with a downloadable timeline and major events of the Bible in chronological order.

Part 5: On the Topic of Application

In Part 5, we take a look at why it matters to put on the breaks and not rush to application too quickly, along with how we may miss out on deeper meaning.

Part 6: Helpful Tools

In Part 6, I share some of the tools I have found helpful along the way for my own study and for preparing Bible studies.

Part 7: Practice Makes Perfect

In Part 7, we walk through a passage in Ephesians using the Inductive Method. We practice studying this way together!

Part 8: Making the Head to Heart Connection

In the final part of the series, we conclude with discussing why it matters to actually absorb what we’re studying, and not merely collect intellectual information.