Meet Renee


Renee is a mom of three, living in West Michigan. She has a Bachelor’s of Psychology from Calvin College and worked several years in social work before having the opportunity to stay home for several years. Currently, she is working in communications and church ministry. Through all the changes of life, she’s never been able to shake the passion she has for God’s Word, women’s ministry, and discipling others to know the deep love of her Savior God.

Besides her family, Renee’s favorite things in life are hikes on the sand dunes, working out in the garden, and lounging in the sunshine with a good book. Having two energetic boys, coffee is a lifeline. It’s common knowledge around her household that Renee’s love language is coffee- or a fancy latte works too!

So what’s with the name?

Curious where my name came from? I do incorporate prayer (aka “talking to God”) into my spiritual life, but that has nothing to do with my web page name. I grew up in a town where going to church and being a Christian was not very common. A friend at my high school was fascinated by my faith in Jesus and would literally introduce me as “This is my friend Renee. She talks to God.” The memory stuck with me as an example of never knowing who and how we can impact. We walk in obedience and let God do the work.

In Introduction: My heart behind this blog

My Beginnings: The Story of My Faith Journey