Momma, I See You

Momma, I see you. I see you keeping it all together for the sake of everyone around you. I see you running from sunup to sundown. I see you laying aside all your needs to make sure your family is cared for.

You’re the one who endures pills and hormone injections just to have a family. You’re the one who arranges fundraisers and garage sales all to bring that sweet, brown-eyed beauty home from across the ocean. You’re the one who prays protection over the life kicking in her abdomen and the one who privately weeps when her womb is empty once again this month. You’re the one who gives up caffeine and milk to nurse that tiny life and the one who pushes through exhaustion to rock and soothe a feverish child.

You hope and endure. You celebrate and mourn. You give and sacrifice.

You’re the one who remembers to pack the hats and mittens, soccer cleats, and Lydia’s favorite teddy. You’re the one who coordinates dentist appointments, birthday parties, field trips, and playdates. You’re the one who simultaneously tries to celebrate Michael’s exuberance while comforting Suzannah’s earache. The one who agrees to “just one more book,” and the one who warmly gives hugs and kisses to a child asking, “Mommy, will you snuggle me?”

You chase and play. You bake and read. You teach and encourage.

You’re the one who looks sheepishly at the floor tiles after someone’s snide remark about how easy you must have it as “just a mom.” And yet you’re also the one who fields criticism for trying to “do it all”—“a good mom would’ve sacrificed career for her kids.” You’re the one who unashamedly boasts about Aiden’s soccer goal last week and the one who boldly advocates for Jenni’s disability. You’re the one that patches up scrapes with their favorite Avengers band aids. The one who maintains a calm and strong face as you sit in the hospital waiting for tests results and the one who strokes your son’s face, assuring him everything will be okay.

You love and provide. You praise and protect. You worry and pray.

You’re the one who tosses and turns, wishing you could fix Jesse’s hurts. The one who begs God to provide friends for Maggie. You’re the one who stays up way past your usual bedtime to snag 30 minutes with a teenage night-owl that actually wants to connect about his day. You’re the one who imagines the future with Camden as a teacher, engineer, or landscape artist. You’re the one who helps fill out college applications and the one whose heart aches when the house suddenly becomes too quiet.

You invest and listen. You dream and plan. You release and offer blessing.

I wish you could see what I see.

You are strong. You are resilient.

You are brown. You are freckled.

You are toned. You are curvy.

You are intelligent. You are radiant.

You are compassionate. You are fierce.

Those smile lines tell a story of laughter. And those stretch marks are proof of your self-sacrifice.

But more important than the fact that I see you, God sees you. He is the God who sees. He is El Roi.

He saw Hagar in her despair1. He saw Leah feeling rejected2. He saw Hannah’s empty womb3. He saw Naomi and her bitterness4. He saw Mary’s willing heart5. He sees the weary, the pure, the broken, the merciful.

We live in a culture that says you’re never enough. Work harder. Do better. Look prettier. Even the Christian culture falls into this trap of always pushing, prodding, finding fault.

But what if God sees you and says, “You’re enough. Well done, daughter”? What if God sees your daily choice to die to self in order to breathe life into your family? What if he sees you rise while it is still dark to provide for your family, extending your hands to the needy, and watching over the affairs of your household?6 What if he sees you creatively making time for Him while you fold laundry or wash dishes or cart kids to activities? What if he meets you where you’re at to remind you of who you are in his eyes?

Beloved. Child of God. Fearfully and wonderfully made. Chosen. Friend.

What if this Mother’s Day God is inviting you to still yourself from all the doing and the trying? What if this year he is inviting you to rest in his affirmation and to be filled with the delight of his presence? He already delights in you. Take a moment to breathe in and out and delight in Him.

Today, I celebrate all you mommas. Whether you are mommas through birth, adoption, or mentorship, you are needed, you are seen, and you are enough, just as God created you. Thank you for your presence, the care you provide in our communities, and for the variety of life and personality you bring to our lives.

Her children arise and call her blessed

Proverbs 31:28

1. Genesis 16 2. Genesis 29:31 3. 1 Samuel 1 4. Ruth 1:20 5. Luke 1 6. Proverbs 31

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