Think of These Things

Reflecting on the power within the thoughts on which we choose to dwell.
Leaning On the God Who Provides
My heart in a difficult place of having to trust God with my babies.
My Response to the Asian-American Hate
I was raised to see the beauty in our differences. Not to ignore them.
When the Burden is Too Much
What do we do when it feels like the world is going to hell in a handbasket?
When Did We Forget to Love Our Enemies?
In these polarizing days, reflect on Jesus’ words about radically loving our enemies.
What To Do With All The Feels: A Lesson On Lament
Did you know the Bible actually encourages us to feel all the feels?
My Petty Complaints and Why God Loves Me Anyway
Wanna see me fall apart not long into the pandemic last year? Yep, that’s this one.
Called to Bring Peace in the COVID-Chaos
Exploring the dynamic of peace and chaos from a Biblical perspective.
An Update and My Object Lesson
My parenting lesson that taught me to trust God with what I cannot see or understand.
Stories of Trust: My Dream Deferred
Trusting God, even when we’re laying in the proverbial lumberyard with no direction.
Stories of Trust: Disrupted Plans
Choosing to trust God with the unknown. Learning from a friend’s story to trust God with the bigger plan.
An Empty Vessel
What the widow’s offering taught me about my faith in this stage of life.
When There’s Nothing Left to Give
Looking at one of my favorite stories in the Bible, we see how God cares for our needs.
When Society Tells Us We’ll Never Be a Success
A look at what success means through God’s eyes.
Weak and Foolish
A look at the life of Paul and how nothing was wasted.
But He is Good
Seeing God in the beauty of His creation.
How I Really Feel About Mother’s Day
Why Mother’s Day holds such a deep significance of healing for me.
Love Letters
Evidence of God’s love through life’s daily moments.
To My Mom Friends….I Don’t Judge You
Encouragement for all the mommas out there!
Land of Exile
What do we do when we find ourselves a bit lost? Also, that one post where I did a cover song. 😉
My Beginnings
My testimony and why I care that you know this amazing Savior God too.